A love affair ended in a Art Gallery


A German businessman had an affair with his secretary (Margret) for a period of one year and a half, and the intimate details of their relationship will be exhibited in art gallery White Columns in New York (Meatpacking District), the collection will be called Margret: Chronicle of a love story.

Salmon Tartare in Paris

Tartare de Salmon - Le Café de Paris, 45 Avenue de Friedland.
Food: Salmon Tartare
Place: Le Café de Paris, 45 Avenue de Friedland,  Paris, France.

After having walked like crazy in Paris throughout the day, it was the moment to regain the energy lost.

I wanted something fresh to offset the heat and the sweat from the entire day; the sunset started and I was in Champs Elysees.

Is Real Estate Photography Just for the High End Listings?

Calgary Real Estate Photographer
Calgary Real Estate Photography, is for the high end listings only?

Is Real Estate Photography Just for the High End Listings?

It’s obvious when browsing home listings that some real estate agents don’t take the time to make sure that the listing photos are crisp and clear, and this is often a problem. If the photos are so bad that people do not click on the listing or even take the time to view it, then that means there is less potential to sell the house.